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Captured : Time

My intention was to examine a world standing still through a moving camera. Typically with consumption of alcohol (parties, bars, celebrations) there is always an abundance of movement. I thought what if it had all stopped for a moment and I could take a closer look at it.

Steven Klein


Imagine a world where time stands still. Where your senses are heightened and the present moment is slowed, stretched, and distilled.

Working with leading creative forces in photography and cuisine, The Macallan invites you to enter the sixth edition of The Masters of Photography story; a distinctive and arresting place that brings together people and objects and transforms them into something incredible.

This is the world created by master of art and visionary photographer, Steven Klein. As one of the most challenging and provocative artists in photography and film, Klein’s riveting body of work consumes viewers and entices them into his extreme vision. His unique perspective provokes the imagination and draws the viewer into the scene.

In an exploration of The Macallan’s most important ingredient, time, Klein alters the rhythm of the series and puts a unique spin on this continuing collaboration by taking it beyond the click of the shutter into the moving image.

Klein oversaw every detail of the film from the casting to the set design and partnered with Thom Browne for the costumes, which have both a futuristic and old-fashioned feel. He explains, “The idea is the perception of time. Is time an illusion? Does time really exist? And the idea of our perception of time. Where one is in the past, present and future.”

Klein’s vision is inspired and enriched by the most innovative trio in the world of cuisine, the Roca brothers, of El Celler de Can Roca in Spain. Masters of creativity and innovation, they push every boundary possible in the culinary sphere to challenge, inspire, and create memorable experiences. Creating specialist bartools and glassware as well as unique serves of The Macallan single malt that appear in the artwork itself, Klein talks about the El Celler de Can Roca approach as an “ideology of food and whisky that gives a truly different perspective.”

Klein creates his own narrative to connect The Macallan and El Celler de Can Roca, woven around intrigue, mystery and passion. The result is a stunning tableau that captures, dissects and distills a single moment in time on film alongside ten individual images from the same compelling scene.

Behind The Scenes

The Whisky

Klein's vision and creativity is embodied further by The Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition Whisky. Limited to only 1,000 bottles worldwide, it is a single malt of stand-out quality that captures an ultimate The Macallan moment.

Each component of Klein’s work is reflected through the vision of The Macallan's Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, in the creation of a very specific and unusual whisky that mirrors the visual stimulus of Klein’s moving image. It is a manifestation that transports the viewer to a different place where time, or a single moment, stands still - it cannot go backwards or forwards.

Inspired by time past, peated notes represent the smokiness of the industrial setting portrayed by Klein. This is combined with a selection of incredible casks, giving a whisky with sweetness, mystique and vibrancy unseen before in any The Macallan whisky. The first ever use by The Macallan of Rioja seasoned casks contribute pinkish tints in the whisky’s rich dark colour, reflective of Steven Klein’s own colour palette.

The Masters of Photography: Steven Klein Edition is presented in a stunning leather presentation case containing the limited edition whisky, 1 of 10 signed Steven Klein colour prints and a distinctive black horse’s head bottle stopper designed by Klein himself. This limited edition is further enhanced by a range of alchemic bar tools to create serves and flavour experiences created by the Roca brothers.

Sweet berries to the fore, tempered with hints of chalk and light vanilla. Dried fruits ripen but are still to open. Period oak, reminiscent of classrooms and gym halls. Ginger is caramelised, sweet and yet drying. Orange rounds out with a wisp of smoke.

Sweet spice lingers, then opens up to show subtle smokiness: brief then gone. A moment in time, as if it was never there. Dark chocolate, orange zest. Resinous oak is soft and textured. Wood smoke shows late.

Medium to long. Soft, rich fruit, ending in wood smoke.

El Celler de Can Roca

Twice voted the world’s best restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca is a freestyle restaurant, committed to the avant-garde but still faithful to the memory of the family’s ancestors who were simply dedicated to feeding people.

The brothers Joan and Josep Roca founded their restaurant in August 1986, in Girona. Joan in the kitchen and Josep in the dining room. The final addition was the youngest brother, Jordi, who joined the kitchen of El Celler de Can Roca in 1998.

El Celler de Can Roca’s commitment to cuisine and its links to academia and global humanitarian advocacy, have led it to champion the dialogue between the countryside and science. It’s achievements have been acknowledged by every leading restaurant guide and gastronomy critic over its first twenty-five years and it still holds three Michelin stars today.

Meet the Rocas


As part of the Masters of Photography Steven Klein chapter, The Macallan has released a new interpretation of Rare Cask Black, reimagined through the eyes of the master of visual ambiguity.

In Rare Cask Black Limited Edition, this dark, smoky and mysterious whisky, uncharacteristic of The Macallan, is surrounded by a distinctive display of striking imagery captured by Klein.

This is a rare opportunity to explore a remarkable whisky and acquire a limited edition Steven Klein pack.

Discover Rare Cask Black Limited Edition. Available to buy now from The Macallan online Distillery Shop, and in select airports worldwide.

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